A Visit to Oh Happy Day

As I mentioned before, I am a huge blog addict. There are so many great places to look for inspiration and ideas, and I'm happy to be making my own way into the blogosphere too. I do have a few blogs that are always at the top of my list to check first. Sometimes, when I haven't peeked in a few days, my Bloglovin' reel has so many unread posts, that I only have time to check a couple, and I always go to my top four or five blogs feeds first. I'll cover some of my other favorite blogging ladies, and already told you about Brit + Co, but today we'll focus on another local blog, run by a fabulous gal with an amazing little studio space in the Mission District.


Oh Happy Day! is a visually pleasing website, and focuses mainly on decor, party planning, and fun San Francisco tidbits. Their design aesthetic is clean, streamline, and modern, but colorful, playful, and laid back at the same time. Jordan Ferney runs the operation, but also has a great team behind her, brainstorming original ideas to make everyday feel like a little party. Oh Happy Days!'s ideas for how to put together easy, but extremely attractive shin-digs is my favorite content to browse, so I highly recommend gathering some of their suggestions before you have people over again.

Recently, the Oh Happy Day! studio hosted a 'Photobooth Day', where readers could come in and use the amazing renovated vintage photo booth they acquired (you can read more about Jordan's renovation story here) to print their own photo strips! They had fun photo props, as well as cute and delicious mini cupcakes from the local bakeshop Mission Minis. My boyfriend and I stopped by, and got to take our turn at posing for photos to take home as a souvenir.

"Eat Cake for Breakfast"

"Eat Cake for Breakfast"

Oh hey there...

Oh hey there...

I already have an on-going collection of polaroid photos from my own instant camera, but this inspired me to make sure and stop at any older photo booths we see out and about to add more photos of us to our collection (I love any excuse to take pictures). There's something about a one of a kind print that isn't stored on a memory card that makes it feel a little more special. Can't wait to keep the collection going!


If you know of any black and white photo booths in the San Francisco area, let a sister know!


Weekly Words

I think we've all gone through periods of time in our lives where we've thought and cared a lot about what everyone around us views us as. It's hard not to. Our minds go on tangents and every time you pass by someone on the street, or hang out with a group of friends, you think just for a second in the back of your mind, "Did I look okay just then?" "Do I walk weird?!" "They totally think I look and sound like a weirdo, huh?". 

There was a point where I felt like I was wasting so much brain space on this, that I finally came to the realization that I have to be okay with myself, or no one else ever would be. It takes time, work, energy, and courage, but when you get to the level that you don't care what anyone else thinks, it feels uh-mazing. 


When you are able to empty this part of your mind, it opens space for more fun and important things. Like, "What's for dinner?" "What should I do this weekend?" "Look at the stars tonight!"

Focus on yourself, and be proud of who you are. Screw what everyone else thinks! Dance like no one else is every watching. Be crazy! Be weird! Be the fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios.

Mani Mondays: Geometric Accents

So last Monday we covered the basics, and if you read your class syllabus, you know that one of the topics we're going to cover is using a nail stamping kit to add a variety of patterns and designs to your nails. As I mentioned in last week's post, I use the 'Konad' brand kit and plates, and have been really happy with it. It's inexpensive, and gives you a wide selection of ideas and opportunities for adding flare to your manicures. 

geo nails 2.jpg

Today we will just focus on how to go about using the stamping tools, and can save specific designs and ideas for future posts. Once you get the basics down and get some practice in, I ensure you that you'll be using this thing regularly. I do recommend trying the stamping first on scrap paper or a bare nail, rather than having to re-do your base coats and stamping all over again.

Here is a step by step on how to stamp your pretty little fingers:

geo nail collage.jpg
  1. Paint your nails as usual with two coats of the base color you wish to use, and let your nails dry thoroughly. Choose the plate with the design on it you wish to stamp, and place it in a plate holder (sold separately), which will just keep things in place and steady while you're completing all the steps. Once your nails are dry, paint on a generous layer of the polish in the color you want your stamped design to be in. Immediately after covering the section of your design, use the scraper included to remove the excess polish, and expose the design area now "inked". I apply a decent amount of pressure and go in one quick swipe. (the only area with polish now should be the recessed area)
  2. Working fast again, use your rubber stamping stick to 'pick up' the design to transfer to your nail. Roll the rubber end of the stamping stick from left to right over the design on the plate, applying a moderate amount of pressure (too much and the design can get squished and weird).
  3. Right after picking the design up on your rubber stamp, use the same rolling left to right motion over your desired nail to transfer the design.
  4. Use a q-tip or small nail brush with polish remover to clean up the edges of your nails. (Note: you will have to clean the plate, stamper, and scraper between each stamp to ensure you get nice crisp lines and clear designs).

After stamping, finish the manicure off with a clear coat, and voila! Like I said, it does take practice. Moving quickly is important so the polish doesn't dry in between steps, etc. But once you get the hang of it, it's a super easy and fun way to add prints and designs to your nails! Accent nails are my favorite, and are the fastest way to add a pop of color or pattern since you only have to do one nail on each hand. This time I chose some simple geometric lines to spruce up my ring fingers. 

geo nails 1.png

I definitely recommend buying a kit, and playing around to explore your possibilities! I use mine all the time, and have acquired handfuls of design plates, so I know you will too. Hope you've enjoyed lesson one, and always feel free to ask questions! Make sure to check back next week so we can keep adding skills to your mani pedi repertoires. Happy stamping!